Become a BCF Member

On behalf of the BCF Executive Committee, we would like to thank you for your interest in helping to fulfill the mission of the Butler Collaborative for Families.

Building a unified and integrated network of services by using a multi-agency approach to break down barriers and strengthen the system of care for the children and families of Butler County

Below, you will find a link to a membership application/agreement and an invoice for the 2018 BCF Membership Fee. Please take note that the Membership Fees are based on a three tier system:
$150.00 for human service
agencies and nonprofit organizations, $25.00 for nonhuman service agencies, businesses and/or professional individuals, and $0.00 for community members and parents.

If you are not able to pay the Membership Fee due to specific circumstances,
you may request a waiver of the fee in lieu of in-kind services. Simply submit a letter of explanation to the attention of the BCF Executive Committee with an outline of the in-kind services you are offering.


We all look forward to working with you in the year ahead and truly want to thank you for your commitment to the Butler Collaborative for Families. The continued success of the BCF is only made possible through your support and involvement.

BCF Membership Application